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Hot 25 travel startups for 2023: Fairlyne

Strategic goals for 2023

Re-commerce is currently booming in the retail industry and customers are willing to find the same experience in travel and all bookable services.

Fairlyne brings the missing technology brick so that brands can boost customer satisfaction and drive net-new revenue by giving non-refundable tickets a second life.

Our strategic goals for 2023 is to deploy our technology in railway, airline and hospitality industries.  

Lessons learned since founding

We’ve been really surprised by the numbers of customers that want to resell their reservations! We knew it was important, but not at this level.  

In talking with travel brands, we’ve also been surprised by the numbers of them that started internal discussions about re-commerce. They’ve all told us the same thing: “We know we have to do it, but we don’t know exactly how.” That’s when we decided to create Fairlyne.  


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